1~1 Sessions

1-1 sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and can include: ~ Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy;
~ Spiritual Mentoring;
~ Sound & Energy Work;
~ Shamanic Journeying;
~ Body & Dream Work;
~ Oracle Readings*;
~ Sacred Ceremony.
*Readings are 1 hour sessions. All other sessions are based on approximately 2 hours. Some sessions are available via phone or video call. Fee Structure: $111 for the first hour and $88 per hour thereafter.

Couple's Sessions

Couple's sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and can include any of the options available for 1-1 sessions. You may need to: ~ work on your relationship;
~resolve conflict;
~ wish to share in a sacred immersion;
~celebrate a milestone or
~ bless your upcoming role as parents;

... whatever it is, together we co-create your experience for your maximum benefit.

All sessions are based on approximately 2 hours or designed according to your particular needs.

Fee Structure: $188 for the first hour $122 per hour thereafter or an agreed amount.

Ceremonies & Blessings

Ceremonies & Blessings are co-created for you particular event, celebration and needs.
Some examples of when you would use ceremony and/or blessing services are:

~ Engagements;
~ Bridal Showers;
~ Baby Showers;
~ Baby Blessings;
~ Births/Deaths;
~ Birthdays
~ House Warmings ... Or you may simply wish to consecrate something in your life shared with others. Together we discuss what it is that you are wanting to achieve through the process and design the experience specifically for you. Fees Vary.

Women's Full Day Immersions

Women's Immersions are a full day retreat divided into 3 sessions: SESSION 1 ~ Cacao Fire Ceremony; ~ Heart Activation Group Process ~ Crystal Bowl Sound Journey.

SESSION 2 ~ Serpent Breathwork Practise; ~ Yoni Steaming & Womb Meditation; ~ Shamanic Singing & Drumming.

SESSION 3 ~ Energetic Movement Release ~ Full Body Clay Immersion; ~ Throat Chakra Activation & Liberation Exercise; ~ Closing Fire Ceremony; ~ Optional Beach Cleanse. NO NUDITY REQUIRED!
Morning tea and light wholesome lunch included.
$155 per person.

Spiritual Expansion Circle

Spiritual Expansion Circles are a weekly gathering facilitated over 6 weeks where we work with: ~ Creating, clearing and setting sacred space; ~ Grounding and protective strategies; Intention setting and consecration; ~ Understanding and creating ceremony; ~ Sound and energy work; ~ Meditation and Shamanic journeying; ~ Connecting to and developing connection to guides; ~ Communication through symbology; ~ Working with Oracle cards; ~ Developing the 4 Clair's ... clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance. Each individual is nurtured in their own innate gifts and abilities while sharing in a sacred group container. Participants are added to a private Facebook group and chat thread to share resources, insights and growth.

$133 per person

New & Full Moon Immersions

New & Full Moon Immersions run in alignment with the current astrological energies at the time of the Moon cycles. Moon Immersions are roughly 2.5 to 3 hour sessions which include:

~ guided meditation;
~ sacred sound journeying;
~ shamanic singing & chanting;
~ esoteric practises;
~ experiential processes;
~ anchoring & grounding;
~ connection with Spirit;
~ movement and/or breathwork;

... all practises are guided by the current astrology and the energetics that are current at the time of the Moon cycle. $44 or affordable donation.

The Power of Heart

The Power of Heart is an empowerment intensive workshop run over Thursday/Friday nights and Saturday/Sunday full days. A jam packed few days offers the opportunity to: ~ gain a deeper understanding of your programming;  ~ learn how to reprogram your inner processor  (mind) to optimally work for you; ~ develop practical tools and strategies to work on yourself alone and continue healing and growing; ~ connect with your deeper purpose and authentic expression; ~ align with your ultimate dreaming for your life that will enhance your relationship with yourself and others; ~ discover the WARRIOR within and live an empowered life! Together we explore philosophical teachings; science and physiology of Heart-Brain communication and function; direct experience of your inner programming and how it is in effect in your life; learning how to work on yourself alone; guided meditation; shamanic journeying; sound and energy healing; interactive processes ... AND SO MUCH MORE! Standing on the shoulders of my Teachers and Mentors with their permission to share aspects of their work, I bring deliver to you a weekend that will firmly lay the foundations for your transformational empowerment. $444 per person

Ecstatic Dance & Trauma Release Movement

Ecstatic Dance is free form movement where we allow our bodies to move and shape in whichever way they choose.  This goes beyond the self-centred egoic realms of needing to 'look good' and into the soul-centred ego where we allow energy in our bodies to be moved.  This can unlock blockages releasing pent up mental and emotional anxiety stored within the physical form and induce a state of ecstatic bliss. Trauma Release Movement is where we bring direct focus into particular areas of traumatic experience to access the mental and emotional connections and allow them to be felt and expressed through physical release.  These sessions are more intense than Ecstatic Dance as we are deep-diving into the inner realms to consciously work with the energy held within the experience itself.   $44 per person in a group setting, one-on-one fees apply to private individual sessions.

Sunset Sessions

Sunset Sessions are a FREE fortnightly 1 hour sound journey meditation offering currently facilitated in Airlie Beach @ the small beach between the lagoon and Coral Sea Resort. THESE SESSIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY DICTATED BY THE WEATHER AND MAY BE CANCELLED AT SHORT NOTICE. Be sure to follow my FB for any updates. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED