Are you ready to meet your
Highest Destiny?

Are you tired of just being the SURVIVOR of your past struggles?

Do you notice cycling thoughts, feelings and emotions that are no longer serving you?

Are you ready to finally step up and meet the WARRIOR within?

Life is tough, fraught with heartache; loss and suffering, sometimes even such depths of trauma that we can find ourselves thrown into the depths of a darkness that seems all-consuming.  A darkness that can be so thick and icky that we have no idea how we will ever get out of it and into the light again, but … somehow … life moves on and we with it, and if we are lucky we get through to the other side.


Sometimes we even wear our survival as a badge of honour, still attached to the stories of our past and the fact that we overcame the adversity that was thrown our way.  Life takes different turns and maybe we even begin to enjoy the journey more than we ever did before, I mean, nothing can be as bad as our past trauma, can it?  


Somehow, we still seem to cycle through thoughts, feelings and reactions that are not serving us.  We sometimes find that we are still attracting toxicity into our lives through our relationships with others, our interactions with the world and even our self-expression.


~ Old stories of …. I am not good enough … I am not strong enough … I do not know how to forgive or to fully heal my past … keep you shackled to your pain.

~ Programmed destructive behaviours and negative thinking that were born out of your struggles rear their ugly heads impacting your relationship with yourself, your life and others.

~ You believe that you might never be able to face your fears and your inner darkness, preventing you from being able to heal and live free of the trauma of your past …

BUT … you KNOW there is another way.  A way beyond living as a mere survivor and finally living life on your terms …



Hi There …

My name is Tatz, I am a Holistic Practitioner in service of those who truly desire to live their highest destiny and are ready to step in and do the work to move beyond the pain of the past.  Beyond the old stories; beliefs and programs.

You see, I believe that:

~ Life’s too short to stay trapped in your suffering.

~ You have the STRENGTH and TENACITY to finally heal yourself and be FREE of your past.

~ You deserve to live life on your terms, manifesting your greatest DREAMS and visions.

You just need some help (which is exactly why I am here.)

It is my ultimate goal to empower you to ENHANCE your thinking; INSPIRE creative action and EXPAND into your absolute authentic self.

I do this through:

~ 1-1 mentoring;

~ Holistic counselling & psychotherapy;

~ Shamanic journeying;

~ Sacred sound and energy work;

~ Guided meditation practise;

~ Group workshops & retreats;

~ Ecstatic dance & movement release;

~ Sacred ceremony;

~ Women’s immersion retreats.

To get your started on your journey to your Highest Destiny, I am offering a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are a match.

My Journey

It is no surprise that I do the work that I do.  You see, I come from a trauma based history … sexual abuse; sexual assault; drug and alcohol abuse; suicidality and self-harm, all starting in my young years and affecting me well into my thirties.  My limiting self-belief and toxic behaviours impacted my ability to healthily navigate my relationships and my life.  I seemed to constantly be surrounded by drama and consistently invited relationships shrouded in alcohol abuse, of which I was a participant I might add.

I vividly remember the day that I KNEW that something had to give.  That I needed to once and for all heal myself of my past suffering so that I could truly live a fulfilling life.  That the way I was thinking, feeling and behaving in my life was NOT in alignment with all that I dreamed for myself.  It was a moment where my partner at the time and I were in an argument and I reacted in the typical way that I always did.  I felt the emotions rising in me, the tears and the frustration and I stormed out of the house. 

I literally made it two steps out the door and it was as if I walked into a brick wall … I was stopped, dead in my tracks and I thought to myself …

"I am not doing this anymore!"

You see, I realised in that moment that I needed to make some serious changes or I was going to end up living a mediocre existence and never meeting my Highest Destiny.  I turned around, went inside and sat back at my desk, continuing the work that I was doing at the time.  

From then on I started working with my Mentor; reading a multitude of books on spiritual psychology and reprogramming the brain; I started meditating and implementing daily practises; I found tools and strategies to navigate my stress and anxiety.  I signed up for several online courses with teachers such as Sadghuru; Eckhart Tolle; Joe Dispenza; Alberto Villoldo and various others.  I listened to podcasts and audiobooks, anything that offered guidance on my path.  I dove in and dedicated myself to my transformational journey, I became a militant little soldier in the battlefield of my psyche.

Not long after I started this journey, I knew that I wanted to help others like me, and I took a massive leap from 23 years working in hospitality and enrolled myself in a Diploma in Counselling.  I started volunteering at the local Women’s Center that provided supports to women and children experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault.  I later began working in Community Services as a Support Worker working with young people in the Child Safety system, with drug and alcohol issues, men’s homelessness and sexual trauma.  I started a Women’s Circle, ran a program with the men at the homeless shelter I worked at, created and presented my weekend workshop The Power of Heart and started working in my private capacity as a Holistic Counsellor.  I continued my professional development through a host of specialised trainings in all the areas that I wished to work, so that I could be the best possible support to others.

After the onset of Covid, I stopped working and decided to combine my educational training and spirituality to bring forward my truest, most authentic expression in the work that I choose to do … and so it was that the more shamanic elements of who I am came to the fore and the Medicine Woman was born.

Using my unique skillset of holistic counselling and psychotherapy, an array of spiritual and shamanic tools and my lived experience, I can help you:

~ break the shackles of the past,

~ empower you to discover your innate STRENGTH and abilities,

~ so that you can finally meet the inner Warrior and live your Highest Destiny. 

I cannot think of a better way to spend my days than to empower yourself and others and to bear witness to the alchemy of transmuting your deepest suffering into the greatest light of Love and Freedom.

And after hours?  You will probably find me floating in the ocean or a creek, writing, dancing or spending time with those that I Love.

To find out how I can help empower you to your Highest Destiny, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.