I am Medicine Woman.

My entire life experience has prepared me for this role, through traversing my own childhood traumas that led me onto a destructive path of self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, but ultimately, leading me to my journey of healing, growth and expansion.

My academic background includes counselling and psychotherapy studies, specialising in Process Oriented Psychology. A multitude of professional development trainings on trauma and sexual assault, domestic violence and coercion, drug and alcohol addiction. I spent a number of years volunteering and working in the community services sector including roles at the local women’s center, working with youth living in residential care through Child Safety, men’s homelessness at a local shelter and people experiencing drug and alcohol abuse.

My healing journey started in 2003 participating in The Human Touch, The Rose, The Power of Love, Heaven on Earth and Living Truly workshops and retreat in South Africa where I was introduced to the Universal Principles written by Arnold M. Patent in his book You Can Have It All. I continued to work in a one-on-one mentoring developing my spiritual growth and gifts with one of the teachers of these workshops who was initiated by the Zulu people of my homeland in South Africa as a Sanusi (Seer).

I have completed Reiki 1 & 2, have been reading cards for over 20 years, have expanded my work to include sound and frequency healings, sacred dance, sacred sexuality and plant medicine … and continue to expand through my ongoing research and study.

I work with groups, couples and individuals offering workshops, retreats, women’s circles, ceremonial offerings, one-on-one sessions, sound and energy healings, meditation, sacred dance, readings, psychotherapeutic sessions and any which way that Great Spirit may call.

I am a fire and dance artist specialising in performances that include my own spoken word pieces and offer to my audiences the very depths of my Heart and Soul. I utilise my art as an opportunity to share the teachings and knowledge that I have gained along my path in the hope that I may feed the inner fire of hope in others.

I stand upon the shoulders of many amazing teachers and mentors both in the Earthly realms and in Spirit. My life is in service of Great Spirit, guided by the Dreaming and held in the light of Love.

In Gratitude and Grace

Love and Blessings